Did you know that My in MySQL has nothing to do with the possessive adjective?

My is the name of MySQL co-founder Monty Widenius’s daughter.

Did you know that Oracle is a name conceived in the CIA?

Oracle Corporation founders Larry Ellison and Bob Miner had been working on a CIA project based on the paper written by Edgar F. Codd about the Relational Model. This project was called Oracle as the Agency wanted to build a system able to answer any question. Unsurprisingly the project did not succeed but Larry and Bob saw the opportunity and decided to keep on working on that technology.

But, who is Sakila?

Sakila is the name of the dolphin you may see in the MySQL logo. This name was chosen by the MySQL founders in a contest called “Name the Dolphin”. Ambrose Twebaze, an Open Source software developer from Swaziland, suggested the winning name.

More about dolphins and oracles

The Dolphin is a DC Comic’s superheroine. She has superhuman strength and is adapted for deep subaquatic life. She was Aquaman lover and later married Tempest. Cerdian is their son. It is unknown their situation but it is supposed they are alive.
Oracle is one of the names of Barbara Gordon, another DC Comics character. She was first know as Batgirl but she was retired. While in retirement she was shoot by the Joker, confining her in a wheel chair. Later she reappeared as Oracle, with skills in Eskima and extraordinary hacking abilities.